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EMDR for Trauma

Perinatal Mood Disorders

 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia


It IS possible to heal and feel better!

It;'s possible to heal and feel better. It takes inner work and perseverance.

It;’s possible to heal and feel better. It takes inner work and perseverance.

The gift of the therapeutic relationship can make a difference in your life and emotional well-being.

My counseling office is designed to feel safe, comfortable, and confidential.

A safe place for you to work on reaching your authentic self. A safe place to do your inner work.

I provide holistic psychotherapy for  individuals facing depression anxiety, trauma and parenting issues and for couples needing help in their relationship.

Relationship Counseling 

Every relationship has its ups and downs. And you can slip into unhealthy ways of relating and living that affects your feelings of self-worth, if you become used to relating to each other in an unhealthy way.

How to know what is healthy and not healthy?  Sometimes it’s not so easy to discern.

Do you wonder what is meant by the term codependency?

Do you feel shame and does this feed into feelings of codependency?

Do you need help in reducing anger and calming the atmosphere?

All of these topics can be addressed and sorted out so you can get help coming to your personal decision.

Sexual Abuse and Trauma Recovery

Counseling services are offered in the areas of trauma recovery for adult survivors of physical and sexual abuse, and accident and medical trauma.

Trauma is an emotional response to an event like rape, childhood abuse and neglect, a natural disaster, accidents, and necessary medical procedures. These types of events become frozen in our nervous systems, and exist as persistent and fragmented biologically-based memories.

Specialized counseling services such as EMDR, journaling, and expressive art are offered as part of the therapeutic process for trauma survivors.

Perinatal Counseling Services

Counseling is available for individuals and families with perinatal mood disorders, around the transition to parenting, birth trauma, and infant care.

Other issues for which counseling is offered are infant loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, NICU trauma, birth trauma, and the psychosocial adaptation to motherhood.

In addition, I offer specialized, private childbirth education, focusing on emotional adjustment and the transition to parenthood.

This service is designed for women and their partners who want some special assistance in chronic pain management, managing a past history of sexual or physical abuse, or managing depression and anxiety during pregnancy.

The psychological and physical changes of pregnancy and parenting stir up your emotional past, asking to be re-addressed and healed once again.

Your pregnancy could become a time when introspection, depression and anxiety unexpectedly occur for you. The therapeutic relationship is a safe place to help reduce negative feelings.

The experiences surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and parenting can be a time of great healing, a time when previous experiences re-surface and are ready for a new cycle of healing.


  • Call for free 15-minute initial consultation to discuss your situation.
  • In counseling. develop a one-of-a-kind plan made just for you
  • The plan incorporates traditional counseling and mindbody therapies such as EMDR, expressive art, guided imagery and meditation

 Speaking & Workshops

  • Kathy is available to speak to your group about Perinatal Mental Health, the Impact of Past Sexual Abuse on Pregnancy and Mindful Parenting to parent groups, mid-wives, doulas and La Leche League leaders.
  • Kathy periodically offers therapeutic workshops incorporating mixed media such as collaging, beading and Spirit Doll work.
  • Kathy is available to provide training to doulas, midwives and pregnant couples in the BirthTouch® Mindbody Method for Pregnant Families
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Perinatal Mood Disorders