Helping Moms & Families – An Overview of Services

Professional counseling services for mom & family emotional health.
One of the goals of maternal mental health counseling is to help every woman feel at peace and positive about her birth choices and experiences and the transition to motherhood, whether she chooses to give birth in a hospital or home birth setting.

Specialized private childbirth education is available.

Another goal of is to let women know it is ok to ask for help.

Emotional subject matter covered:

Specialized private childbirth classes
o Reducing stress during pregnancy,
o Bonding prenatally with your infant,
o Preparation for birthing by addressing anxiety and fear,
o Examining the effects of past sexual abuse on pregnancy & birthing and the development of the maternal identity.
o Integrating your dream baby & mama with the real baby & mama
o Integrating your parent’s parenting practices and creating of your own parenting practices
o Identification and treatment of perinatal mood disorders
o Dealing with infant loss

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