diversefamilyNobody does it alone. In our high-pressure, over-saturated lives, your emotional health is improved with a healthy relationship.

Unfortunately, not all relationships are trouble free. In fact, it often takes “work” to make a relationship work for the long-term. Professional counseling services can address the issues faced by many couples and other loved ones.

  • Has your relationship changed since you became a parent? Has the adjustment to parenting, though filled with joy, been a complicated? Do you have unresolved issues from your own childhood, from how you were parented, that seem to creep up and cause you distress in your current life?
  • Did you have a negative role model for your primary relationship? Was there rage and abuse? This could ne making it difficult to have civilized discussions in your current life. There are structured methods of communication which can be learned to help you and your partner out of this maze.
  • Preserving your relationship during and after pregnancy can be a particular challenge. Contrary to popular thinking, research indicates that pregnancy and adding a baby to your lives exacerbates existing relationship tensions. The transition to parenthood is a profound adjustment. Your identity profoundly shifts on many fronts as you become a parent. If you had issues with your own parents, becoming a parent may pose particular challenges to you.
  • The hormonal and psychological changes of pregnancy may bring out feelings of anxiety and depression, which can in turn, stress your relationship. This intersection is Kathy’s specialty.
  • Substance abuse within the family is toxic for parents and siblings and your abuse impacts the entire family.
  • Work stress, the stressors of daily life, too much to do and not enough time to do it, can take its toll on even the strongest relationships.
  • Problems among couples and families rarely solve themselves, and when they don’t, relationships suffer, sometimes for years.

Recognize yourself in any of these examples? They’re problems faced by millions of couples. Those who work to resolve issues, release the toxins and manage the stresses, enjoying relationships based on:

  • tact and respect
  • openness and honesty
  • compromise and understanding
  • supportive behaviors
  • trust is something that’s earned every day
  • a personal bond, a unique form of friendship that many couples enjoy, e.g. “I’m married to my best friend.”
  • love – the emotion that brought you together and keeps you together even in difficult times.

Couples counseling opens doors, explores the dynamics of the relationship and uncovers solutions to issues that have a negative impact on the relationship both short- and long-term.

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