When will I feel better? or How long does counseling take?

walking-in-woodsProfessional counseling is an investment you make in yourself that has  long-term, positive effects that will reverberate within for the rest of your life.   Self-love isn’t just a cliche, it’s an important life concept.

The work you do in the professional counseling room can  manifest in positive shifts in your life on many levels.

You become more positive and kinder with yourself.  You grow in self-love.

You have more clarity about the relationships in your life.

You parent with more compassion and less stress.

You accept the reality of who you are and who your spouse is.

You come to accept your choices about your life.

And come to shift to new choices if that is what you discover you need and what is possible.

How long does this take?

It depends on your individual situation.

In general, allow yourself the gift of at least three months of time, in order to work out your immediate emotional feelings and then move to understanding.aroma-lavendar

If you’re coming for a specific situation you’d like to work out, you can come to an understanding of your feelings and path in about 6 sessions.

If you are recovering from a childhood of abuse and trauma, your healing path will be a lifelong lesson of growth and change.  I won’t tell you there is a magic treatment that can correct your feelings. Our time together will be at least a year.

If you are working on your relationship/marriage, allow at least 3 months to let the issues between you emerge and to learn new social skills.  And plan to spend at least six months working steadily at it.

What you put into your self-discovery and self-worth is what you reap.

Enjoy the journey.

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